JGammon - Backgammon for Java

JGammon is a Backgammon client with nice graphics written in Java.
It allows a TCP-based network-game.
It supports saving and loading of board setups, undoing moves,
"secure dice" and has got an own chat client and a help system.
A computer player is included, stronger ones are being worked on.



are available through SourceForge.

Download and Installation

Releases can be downloaded from SourceForge.

A nightly source packet can be downloaded directly from here. This tarball needs to be compiled, best is with "ant".

From time to time, a more recent ,yet not published, version of the binaries than at the release page is located here.

Though I work on the newer version, there is an update to release 1.0 available: JGammon.1.0.3.zip. It has some little improvements and a few minor bugfixes.

To install JGammon simply download JGammon-release.zip, unzip it to a directory of your choice. Then you can start it with

            java -jar JGammon.jar

or if you use the Windows operating system by executing jgammon.exe

Most OS provide a way to create a shortcut for this command.

Current work:

Future ideas

There are still some ideas that can still be implemented into this game:


Download from the sourceforge-page


JGammon is hosted at SourceForge.net Logo